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I'm Jake Johnson and installing a pool in my home was not easy. First, I had to make the decision. I live alone since my wife died a few years ago, and it seemed rather frivolous to spend money on a pool. I'm not old, but age was a bit of a factor. It seemed almost irresponsible and childish to want a pool at my age. After I committed, I had to find the right contractor. With so many variables (price, time, personality, etc.), it was a lot harder than I thought. Next, I had to work with the contractor to find the proper space and size and look. After months of construction, I had my pool, but then I had to learn a lot about the proper care and upkeep. Overall, though, my little foray into construction (even if I didn't do any of the really hard work) was informative and worthwhile!

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A Green Pest Control Guide For Property Managers

Environmentally sound pest control, with a focus on children and pet friendly methods, can help make your community a more desirable place for prospective tenants. This increases the perceived value of your property, allowing you the possibility to charge rates above regular market value while minimizing the amount of empty units. The following guide to green pest control can help you implement a program on your properties.

IPM Overview

Green pest control depends on integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to control common pests. IPM uses a combination of eco-friendly pesticides combined with exclusion and sanitation strategies. This requires a partnership between property management, the tenants, and the pest control company if you want it to be successful.

Non-Chemical Controls

Your pest control company will begin with a property walk through, pointing out changes that must be made. Examples include:

  • Covering or enclosing community garbage deposit areas so they don't attract pests. These areas will also need to be kept clean.

  • Using covered garbage receptacles in community areas and changing them daily.

  • Plugging or caulking small holes in siding, foundations and roofs.

  • Removing overgrown landscaping that can harbor rodent or insect pests. This includes raking and sweeping up leaves in the fall.

The pest control expert will also be checking for signs of the common pests in your area. They may recommend specific strategies aimed at these pests. For example, in areas with high raccoon pressure, your pest control technician may advise that tenants bring in pet food and water bowls from balconies in the evening.


Treatment with pesticides may be unavoidable. For a green treatment, your pest control company will depend on pesticides that break down into harmless components rather quickly in the environment. Generally, treatment may occur primarily to the outer perimeter of the units if pests are not already inside the apartments. This will help prevent the need for pesticide use indoors.

They may also opt for pet- and child-safe indoor applications if these become necessary. For example, borax treatments injected into walls or spread in crawlspaces are a relatively harmless way to control roaches and other insects. Although borax can be toxic, when applied in the above manner it poses no risk to humans or pets.


Finally, impress upon your tenants the importance of reporting any emerging pest problems promptly. The earlier you catch a problem, the more likely your pest control company can handle the pests without resorting to harmful chemicals. For more information, contact a professional like All Seasons Pest Control.