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I'm Jake Johnson and installing a pool in my home was not easy. First, I had to make the decision. I live alone since my wife died a few years ago, and it seemed rather frivolous to spend money on a pool. I'm not old, but age was a bit of a factor. It seemed almost irresponsible and childish to want a pool at my age. After I committed, I had to find the right contractor. With so many variables (price, time, personality, etc.), it was a lot harder than I thought. Next, I had to work with the contractor to find the proper space and size and look. After months of construction, I had my pool, but then I had to learn a lot about the proper care and upkeep. Overall, though, my little foray into construction (even if I didn't do any of the really hard work) was informative and worthwhile!

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3 Land Use Issues To Consider When Developing New Property

The addition of a housing development can enhance the overall value of your property. If you are hoping to cash in on the financial benefits that a housing development can provide, it's essential that you take the time to complete the planning process before moving on to construction. Land use planning plays a vital role in determining the success of any housing development.

Here are three concerns that you should be addressing regarding land use as you plan for the construction of your housing development in the future.

1. Historic Preservation

There is much that can be learned by studying events that have happened in the past. It is this educational value that drives many people to try and preserve historical sites from being ruined during the development process.

You should take the time to carefully research the history of your property before making any construction decisions. If there are any sites of historical importance on your property, making efforts to preserve these sites during the construction of your housing development will actually increase the overall value of your property once construction is complete.

2. Environmental Balance

People are beginning to realize that it's important to maintain an environmental balance when expanding urban and suburban living areas. Working to incorporate the natural habitat into the design of your housing development will encourage plant and animal life to continue thriving after construction is complete.

Since taking the environmental balance into consideration during construction encourages a more beautiful landscape, future homeowners will appreciate the added time spent during the land use planning phase of your housing development.

3. Future Growth

Many housing developments are built in stages. If you are planning to construct more homes on your property in the future, you should take this projected growth into consideration as you plan the use of your land during major construction.

The land use planning process for a multi-phase development project should ensure that the infrastructure and zoning of the property as a whole is conducive to future growth. Planning with the big picture in mind will help save you time and money in the long run.

Land use planning is a component of the construction process that can sometimes be overlooked. To ensure that you are accounting for the preservation of historic sites, the balance of human and wildlife environments, and the potential for future growth as you construct your housing development, be sure that you employ a successful land use planning strategy.